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3 Reasons A Tailor Made Website Is Always Better

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Website design professionals endlessly debate the legitimacy of custom website design versus the DIY template approach. No real conclusion has been reached about which is best. We like to use the analogy of an income tax accountant. If you do your own tax, you will still get a return. However, if you entrust it to a professional, you’ll more than likely get a better return. The same holds true for custom web design. So here are our top 3 reasons why having a professionally tailored website is always better.



The lynch-pin of marketing philosophy is that if you want to succeed, you must stand out. Product differentiation is king when it comes to selling the product. The aim is not only to show that your product is better, but that it is better because it’s different.

Therefore, the template revolution made popular by such services as WordPress, Wix, Webydo and others has left many web designers scratching their heads. Making your website aesthetically and structurally identical to thousands of others (including many of your competitors) just seems illogical.

You can paint a sheep pink, but it’s still a sheep. You might take notice of it for a while but eventually you’ll realise it’s providing all the same things as the other sheep. The same is true for web design. If you change a few images, colours and fonts to make your template site look different – it will garner attention. Until your visitors realise that it isn’t actually giving them anything different to all the other websites in the industry.

When you have a custom designed site that integrates tools and functions that your competitor’s template sites don’t have, then the rubber really starts to hit the road. Being able to offer your site’s visitors an experience that they cannot get elsewhere is a significant element of a successful website.


Putting the Website User First

It’s been said before that your website isn’t for you. It’s for your visitors. You may want to choose a template site out of convenience, but in the end you aren’t the one using the website. Your customers are. And any business person worth their weight understands that putting the client first is always the key to success.

Custom designed websites can target exactly the kind of visitors you want. You know your business and your customers. Professional web designers can ensure your website speaks directly to them, as opposed to generically attracting attention to your site.

When you engage a professional to create and manage your website, you get the benefit of their ongoing knowledge. Through their experience with SEO (which template designs ruin), tool creation and technical support, they’ll ensure the right people find you and are satisfied with their experience.

Whether the end goal of your website is an interaction or a purchase, professional web designers can guarantee that each visitor to your site reaches that goal.


Professional Websites are Not Simple

Anyone working within the web design industry very quickly learns that even the most basic of websites are complex at their core. Which in turn makes complex websites downright confusing at their core. When push comes to shove, none of us would entrust our brain surgery to a robot. So why take the same chance with your website? A professional web designer is to website creation what a brain surgeon is to medicine.

As soon as any interactivity is expected from a website, things get really complex. Ecommerce, Customer Management Systems and Responsive mobile sites are all very common aspects of business and organisation websites. The simple fact is, templates and amateur DIY-ers cannot achieve the necessary level of website mechanics to make these things operate smoothly at all times.

Taking advantage of the professional web creation services that a team such as WP Agency offer could be the difference between the growth and decline of your business.