5 Ways to Include Video Marketing On Your Website

5 Ways to Include Video Marketing On Your Website

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Most people know that a picture can be worth a thousand words – but what marketers today are still learning, is that 60 seconds of video is worth about 1.8 million words to your target audience, according to a report by Forrester Research.


While they may not be the answer to every aspect of your marketing strategy, videos are fantastic at concentrating large amounts of information into easy-to-understand messages. In fact, the medium is so popular that around 78% of people are watching videos online every week.


Thanks to developments in technology and video creation tools, it’s now easier than ever for companies from various backgrounds to create videos at a very low cost – but if you’re new to the medium, how should you begin including video marketing on your website to make the best impact? Following are five of the best ways to begin your video marketing campaign.


1. Improve your SEO Strategy with Video Testimonials

Often, when people search for something online, they do so by entering business names, brands, products, service types, and reviews. Customer reviews mark one of the most highly-trusted forms of information for online shoppers. In fact, 61% of customers read reviews before they ever make a purchase online.


Video testimonials are a great way for companies to improve the trust in their consumer/brand relationships, as actual customers talking about their experience with your services or products are more likely to prompt people into doing business with you. What’s more, video testimonials on your home page can offer effective SEO opportunities – particularly if the customers mention crucial keywords or phrases when discussing their experiences with your business. Obviously, any mentions need to sound natural, or they will negate the effect.


2. Solve Your Consumer Problems

A lot of people use the internet to discover further information about their common concerns. For instance, a lot of the time when people are on YouTube, they’re searching for video tutorials on how to solve a problem or do something correctly. Providing videos that solve an existing problem for your customers can be a fantastic way to advertise your product and service, while demonstrating your value to your audience.


While creating a video that shows your product or service in action is a good idea, you should also consider making tutorials on ideas and services that will compliment your product. For instance, a small painting business might create videos on proper painting tips, but also provide a video on how to choose colours to match design aims, and so on.


3. Make Your Website More Interactive

Marketing videos offer a fantastic option to enhance your website design, by expanding on the message and ideas you’re attempting to portray through graphics and web copy. Some successful ways to use videos to make your website more interactive include:


  • Creating a staff introduction page that shows off biographies for each of your staff members and serves to make your company more “human”.
  • An “About Us” page that includes a virtual tour around your company, including the process that customers might expect to experience following the placement of an order.
  • A “News” page that shows how your company interacts with local community and charitable events.
  • A product page with video descriptions of products to help customers get a better idea of what you’re offering.


How you use video to make your website interactive is up to you, but 52% of marketers suggest that this approach helps to deliver a higher ROI.


52% of marketers worldwide name video as the type of content with the highest ROI.


4. Tell a Story

Around 93% of companies are using video for communication, sales, and online marketing, but the most successful marketing campaigns are generally those that use storytelling techniques to develop videos that are memorable and clear.


Today, many consumers prefer interacting with a company that is willing to show the story behind their business, brand, or even their production process, as they feel that this makes the company more trustworthy. What’s more, story-based videos have a better chance of going viral, as they connect with emotions within the consumer base that prompt the desire to share.


5. Refresh Your Blogs

Finally, videos can be a great way to repurpose your blog content if you want to keep relevant, and valuable information fresh. Every piece of content produced comes with a life cycle from release, to decline, and if your blog titles aren’t repurposed, they can stop gaining attention despite your aggressive marketing efforts.


Integrating existing blogs into your video marketing efforts helps you to develop fresh content without using as much time, or cost as you would making a new blog post. What’s more, you can link back to the original blog to extend engagement and interest throughout your website.


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