5 Ways To Increase Brand Awareness For A Business

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When starting or growing a business, increasing the visibility of your brand can be the key to progress or decline. Brand awareness deserves a solid share of your attention. So here are 5 tried and tested ways to help the positive promotion of your brand.

1. An Attractive Website

Just having a website is not enough these days. It’s common knowledge that an ugly website will turn visitors off of your brand quicker than Usain Bolt can run 100 metres. In fact, according to Chris Lake from Econsultancy.com, aesthetically displeasing websites will chase potential clients or customers away within 10 seconds.

You want visitors to your site to be both visually satisfied and engaged all at the same time. Here are some basic principles to work from to make sure your brand is represented well on your site:

  • Use images strategically and sparingly. A few large and well-designed graphics are better than lots of thumbnails.
  • Use words thoughtfully. Websites are primarily visual entities and so too much reading can be seen as a distraction. Use only short phrases on the home page.
  • Interactivity is a must. A static site with only a menu betrays outdated web design. Use image sliders, lightboxes and animation to your advantage. Once again though, less is more.
  • One long-scrolling page with all of the salient information about your company is the popular design practice. A link to a Blog or a Contact Us page is expected, but visitors don’t want to spend precious time navigating through 15 different pages to find what they need.

In short, the better the content on your site, the more chance there is of people sharing it.

2. Blog (As a Verb)

The simple truth is that we’re engaging in one of the most proven methods of increasing brand awareness right now. That’s right, blogging.

There exists an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool that can be installed for Google Chrome called the MozBar. The MozBar analyses how visible a certain website is among the billions of sites out there. The higher your MozBar rating, the more authority your site has on the Internet. Sites like Facebook and Google obviously rank at 99/100.

I have seen a small-time business website rise from 2 on the MozBar ranking to over 30 within weeks purely because of blog post shares.

Sure, every post isn’t going to be a winner, so to speak. But all you need is one post that hits a chord with people and it can spread like wildfire. And of course, what goes with it as it snakes its way across the world? Your brand.

3. Social Media

Most businesses these days will feel the pressure of creating social media accounts. Yet, just having social media accounts is an exercise in futility if you’re not using them to your advantage.

To get the most out of your social media accounts, you need to be focused in the way that you use them. If your Facebook page just sits there idly waiting for people to like it, it’s not doing your brand much good. In order to change this, spice things up a little. Run competitions for people who like your Facebook page. Offer discounts to only your Twitter followers.

Most of all, don’t fall into the trap of believing that you need to have an account with every social media platform. Facebook is a minimum. From there, there are certain platforms that will suit your business better than others. See this post on Entrepreneur.com for more information.

4. Consistent Branding

Chances are you’ve spent some money having a striking logo created for your business. Or perhaps you’ve created one yourself. If not, you should.

However, just having a logo means little if it’s not used consistently. Imagine how confusing it would be for clients or customers to see your logo branded all over your website, but upon arrival at your Facebook page, they see no sign of that logo. Or even worse, they see a different logo!

As evidenced by corporate branding professional Anna Guerrero, best practice is to develop an eye catching logo that will anchor your brand wherever it’s used. Which should be everywhere. Online, in print, social media, stationery – whatever your company uses to communicate with their clients or customers should sport that same brand logo.

5. Customer Service

The proven impact of word-of-mouth advertising speaks for itself. However it’s pertinent to remember that it can go both ways. If you don’t provide quality customer service, customers can just as easily bad-mouth you as promote you.

According to this Forbes Magazine article, great customer service is the fastest way to better brand recognition. Wisdom and experience suggest that if you do right by your customers, they’ll take care of a large percentage of your brand awareness campaigns for you, both locally and online.

Some of these tips are things that must be actioned by you, the business owner. However, in regard to the online aspects of brand awareness in particular, it can be prudent to seek professional help. An organisation such as WD Agency is primed to help take your brand’s image to new levels. They can create stunning websites with full social media integration at very reasonable prices.