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How Blogging Can Drive Traffic To Your Website

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Regular blogging can attract traffic to your website in a number of different ways. Done properly it enables you to gain a wide audience across multiple platforms.

In this article we take a look at some of the top sources of traffic that can be generated:


Organic Search Engine Traffic

Blogging can drive organic search engine traffic to your website.

Every new post that you write means new keyword opportunities that will increase your chances of being found via an internet search.

Bill Belew, writing for the Search Engine Journal, dragged a class of students, kicking and screaming through a six month content creation experiment. This experiment went a long way towards proving that consistent high quality blogging can produce almost predictable traffic results.

Bill says..”In each of these 3 very different niches, the students were able to go to 3,897, 7,052, and 7,528 total unique visitors, mostly via organic search, in a 30-day period just 4-5 months after the site was launched…”

To create traffic in this manner takes time and persistence, but is definitely worth the effort.


Social Media Traffic

Most companies realize that without a social media presence they could be missing out on engaging with their audience.

By creating interesting, shareable and helpful blog posts, you can drive traffic to your website through social media.

To optimize the return on your time and effort, make sure you choose the right social network for your audience.


Referral Traffic

If what you write is interesting enough, or solves a tricky problem related to your niche, other websites will naturally link to it.

As you build up a network of links over time, you will start to see referral traffic coming to your site. This can be a major driver of traffic if a large site links to you.

There is no harm in asking for links either. If what you write would be interesting for another blogger’s audience, why not get in touch with them and politely ask if they would like to share it?

As an added bonus, having sites naturally link to you can do wonders for your search engine rankings.


Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be a great way to use your writing skills to drive traffic back to your website.

Find the most popular sites in your niche and pitch them the idea for a post.


Establishing Authority

Blogging can help your brand to establish itself as an authority within your given field of expertise.

Popular techniques that can be used for gaining authority:

  • Writing case studies
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Have a clear and well written About Us page on your website

It’s important to remember that if you want to become a true authority on a subject, your blog will need to be highly focused on that area. If a high number of your posts are on varied topics, or personal, then it will be difficult to establish yourself as an authority.


How Often Should you Post?

There are a number of different ideas and arguments around this. The general rule of thumb however is to post as much as you can – consistently.

If you can only manage one article a week, then that is what you should do. If you can handle one a day and keep the quality at a high standard then by all means keep pumping them out.


A Word of Warning

Lastly, a word of warning when it comes to building sustainable traffic via blogging. It is important to keep on the right side of Google by following their guidelines.

The following are examples of “breaking the rules” and should be avoided:

  • Paying for links
  • Copying or scraping content (unless it is done properly)
  • Trying to game keywords. e.g by the use of exact match anchor text
  • Low quality or spammy content

Take some time to read through the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

At the end of the day if you put in the hard yards, and create content that is worthy of your brand, over time your traffic volumes will rise.