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Can Social Media and SEO Build My Business?

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You might be wondering how much social media and SEO can help your business. Well, the answer is a lot…especially with the right implementation and planning.
Here are some of the ways that these technologies can aid your quest to take your company, to the next level.

How Social Media helps Build your Business

Searches through Social Media

Some people barely go past social media when it comes to their online time. In some countries a large percentage of the population don’t even realize that Facebook is connected to the internet.
If they want something they will search their favorite social media platforms for it. The reason they do this is because not only will they see what is popular, but they will also find out what products and services are used by people in their social networks.
Think about it for a minute. Imagine you needed your lawns mowed so you went and ran a search through Facebook. You found a local service that two of your friends used that was close to your home. Why would you need to go and search Google?
As a business owner, if your organization’s details are not showing up when someone is searching social media, you will be losing business.
Choosing the best platforms to focus on depends on where your potential customers spend their time online. If you are targeting 14-year-old teenagers you are probably not going to have much luck posting on LinkedIn. 65-year-old grandmothers are more likely to be on Facebook compared to Instagram (despite the occasional exception of course).

Brand Awareness

Getting your brand out there is critical for any business. What better way to make your company well-known than engaging with your customers through social media?
A couple of tips, try to be conversational and endeavor to get the right mix of not only engagement but action as well.
Make sure you keep track of everything that you do so you can measure performance across different platforms. That way you can figure out what is working versus what is not.

How SEO helps Build your Business

SEO builds Long Term Growth

A successful business needs to plan ahead. A good SEO strategy is a sound investment in long-term growth.
It is possible to achieve astounding results if you are prepared to be consistent and stick to a content schedule.
SEO can end up being much like free advertising. It’s a type of marketing that is measurable. By tracking and analyzing your results you can tweak your pages to increase conversion of visitors to sales.

Drive Qualified Traffic to your Site

Hundreds of questions are being asked every day on search engines that are related to your products. By creating content that answers those questions you can not only drive traffic to your website, you can also establish yourself as an authority on the subject.
It can often take months before you start seeing the effects of SEO so you need be both patient and persistent in your approach.

Local SEO

If part or all of your customer base is located near to you it’s important to take advantage of local SEO. To do this ensure your company is registered with Google My Business.

Creating a Plan

The best way to long term success with both SEO and social media marketing is by ensuring you use a consistent approach that is ongoing.
In the beginning, it may seem a fruitless effort, however wait just a few months, the results will start to show.
It can be a good idea to create a plan of when and where you will post on your social media platforms. Have an editorial calendar for your content creation that helps in your quest to target keywords.
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