Creating Playlists

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This ‘Playlists’ tutorial covers:

  • Locating the playlist option
  • Adding files to a playlist
  • Naming and ordering media files
  • Selecting ‘Playlist’ display options
  • Adding image thumbnails to your playlist


To create a video or audio playlist click the ‘Add Media’ button. If you have uploaded audio and video files to your ‘Media Library’ you will see options for creating an audio or video playlist in the menu of the ‘Insert Media’ screen.


Click 'Create Audio Playlist' and select files for your playlist.
Click ‘Create Audio Playlist’ and select files for your playlist.


Clicking on ‘Create Audio Playlist’ will take you to a screen that will show you all of the audio files listed in the ‘Media Library’. Select the files you want to display in your playlist and click ‘Create a New Playlist’. This will take you to the ‘Edit Audio Playlist’ screen where you can rename the selected clips and place them in any order you would like. You can also choose to hide or display the tracklist, artist name and an image thumbnail. When you are satisfied with your changes click ‘Insert Audio Playlist’ and the playlist will be added to your post.


You can add a custom thumbnail to each track in your ‘Playlist’ by going into the ‘Media Library’, selecting the tracks you want to add images to and setting a featured image for each track.


Give your audio or video files thumbnails by setting a featured image in the 'Media Library'.
Give your audio or video files thumbnails by setting a featured image in the ‘Media Library’.


The steps for creating a video playlist are the same, but instead of choosing ‘Create Audio Playlist’ select ‘Create Video Playlist’ from the ‘Insert Media’ screen.


Installing the Integrated Video Tutorial plugin and sharing the ‘Playlist’ tutorial with your users and clients will help them create better content and make you look like a rock star.