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Great Inspiration For Your Next Church Website

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Church websites are an important part of the parish. In this article, we will help to inspire you with ideas on what to focus on when creating a great site. A well-designed website helps the Church share its message with the local community. When designing a Church website there are two things that you need to do well:


  • Keep it simple
  • Make sure visitors to the website can find what they are looking for


There is nothing worse than a website overloaded with information. A cluttered and complex site can be difficult to navigate, and take a long time to load. Keeping it simple is pretty easy to do. You remove everything that is unnecessary. If it doesn’t make the site go faster, or form a core piece of functionality, get rid of it. But how do you know what to include and what to leave out? How can you find out what the visitors to your site are looking for?

Our experience, backed up by research, will help give you the inspiration to create the perfect Church website. Here are the top 3 things that visitors to a Church website are looking for:


  • Service times
  • Activities that are offered
  • Map of and directions to the Church


Other things of note include listening to video and audio, checking information about the beliefs of the Church, and requesting prayer.
Now that you know what people are looking for, you can make sure that you include them on your website.


Must haves for a Church website

Here is an example of a Church website that has got all the basics right – Life Church.

Note how the contact detail and weekend services are easy to find from the front page. There are archives of the sermons, directions and everything that we talked about earlier.

You will notice also that social media links are prominent on the site. With Churches embracing social media, links to the Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms should be easy to find on the homepage.


Calendar showing service times and other events

One of the main parts of a useful Church website is an up to date event calendar. This should have the upcoming service times as well as other Church activities.


About us page

Every organization should make an effort to tell their story. The place for this is the about us page. For a Church, the about us page can show the parish mission statement, as well as a history of the parish.


Contact page

One of the most important pages of any website is the contact page. On this page you might also want to keep the names of staff members, as well as the office hours.


Archives of sermons

Some of the best Church websites keep archives of their sermons on their site. The video or audio files can be easily downloaded or streamed on demand.


Church news

The latest news from the parish should be kept up to date on the site. This may be a weekly task for admin staff to ensure news is kept current.



Having an easy way to give via donation is a great idea for a Church website. It should never be hard work to donate and anything more than a click or two will start to discourage those wanting to contribute.



Whether someone is looking for a Church or the local hardware store, they will be doing so online.

Churches are beginning to see the value in investing in a well-designed website. A professional layout and carefully thought out design can help to strengthen the reach, and following of a Church.