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Why You Need Your Corporate Identity On Your Legal Website

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Your corporate identity distinguishes you from your competitors. It helps to leave a lasting impression and show that your company is well established.

Why Establish A Corporate Identity

There are many reasons why your corporate identity is a crucial part of your legal website.
In this post we will look at the following

  • Consistency of message
  • Importance of branding
  • Philosophy and making a promise

Often these areas are the last thing thought of when creating or updating a website. Yet they are among the most important aspects that should be considered.
Without a clear corporate identity your website will struggle to stand out from the crowd. It will not be obvious about exactly what sets you apart from all the others.

Consistency Of Message

You need to have your message everywhere. Whether it is a brochure, letterhead or your website you should display a consistent message throughout to highlight your corporate identity. This is often overlooked yet is a critical component.
What is your goal? Who are you? What do you do?
If you don’t project a consistent message to your customers they can end up confused.

The Importance Of Branding

Your brand is the image that your business portrays to the world. Inconsistent or poor branding can be disastrous.
A consistent identity for your brand will help in the following ways:

  • Help create buzz in social media
  • Promote customer loyalty and continued business
  • Boost originality


Making certain your brand is clear on your website helps you become different from all the other sites out there. Distinction is often the only thing that stands between your businesses and the competition.
A great brand story will reflect the history of your company. Clients will be reassured if it is clear that your business has been around for a long time.
Do you have a story to tell to help your brand stand out from the rest?

Philosophy, Promise And Trust

A corporation needs a philosophy, and a promise. These help to create trust.
Legal companies promote themselves as professional institutions. The colors, logo and graphics used should represent this as well.
By getting these things right for your corporate identity the parts of the jigsaw will come together to build trust with your clients.

What Is It That Clients Want?

Every client is different and will have different expectations and requirements from your legal firm.
For some it will be privacy that is of the utmost importance, for others it might be value for money.
Clients may in some part decide whether or not you are going to meet their needs by understanding your corporate identity. From going through your website they will see what is important to you, for example what values you hold and what promises you make.
You know better than anyone what your clients want so try to incorporate as much business intelligence you can into creating your identity.


Here’s the thing… your corporate identity represents the character of your company. How your company looks to the outside world is directly related to that representation.
Just as people are often judged rightly or wrongly by how they look, the same goes for companies.
Make sure when you build your corporate identity that your employees feel part of it, because when your customers are dealing with your legal firm they want the confidence of knowing that everyone is on the same page.
Your corporate identity needs to be authentic. It should come from within.
If you would like assistance with your corporate identity we can help you create the right look and image for your legal website. Get in touch with us.
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