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Whether you need help with setting up one page or a whole website, our simple pricing structure ensures that you get the expertise you need at an affordable price. You can mix and match as much as you like.


With our ‘Forever Free’ plan you can try out our platform first, then add on any of our services at a later stage. Or get us to set everything up right from the start – it’s completely up to you!


Need something more than the features outlined below? Then contact us for a free no obligation quote.

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Professional Services

With our simple upfront pricing structure, you can use us to build, update or maintain your website without blowing your budget.


Home Page

Your home page is the first thing your customers will see. Let us create you one that wows.

$135 per page

Content Page

Have a lot of content but not a lot of time? Whether 1 page or 100 pages, we can set it up for you.

$45 per page

Blog Post

If your writing skills are better than your IT skills, then have us upload your blog articles for you.

$45 per post


Home Page Slide

Let us design and set up individual home page slides to make your home page pop!

$45 per slide

Google Map

Your customers need to be able to find you – literally! Let us embed a Google Map for you.

$22.50 per map

Social Media Icons

Gain more followers by including social media icons with links to your social media pages.

$18 per link

Embed Youtube Video

Whether tutorials, trailers or cat videos, whatever videos tickle your fancy we can embed it!

$22.50 per video

Basic Form

A simple contact form or any basic form with 5 fields or less.

$45 per form

Standard Form

A form with up to 10 fields for a simple quote or inquiry form.

$90 per form

Extended Form

If your form has up to 20 fields or requires complex mechanisms.

$270 per form


Social Media Sharing

Encourage readers to share your articles by including share buttons for various platforms.

$22.50 setup

Mailchimp Integration

Integrate your Mailchimp account with your website for stylish and easy to use newsletter signup forms.

$90 setup

Google Analytics

There's no better way to track and analyse your website visitors than Google Analytics.

$22.50 configuration

Social Stream

Display an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook feed from specific accounts or hashtags.

$90 setup


Create exclusive membership and member privileges within your site.

$450 setup


Collect donations, crowdfund or kickstart your projects.

$270 setup

Pay Per View

Your content is valuable. Have your users pay to view certain pages, posts or areas.

$180 setup


Display your upcoming events in a calendar or list with links to register.

$225 setup / $45 per event

Appointment Bookings

Manage your apopintments and let your customers book online from the comfort of their computer.

$225 setup

Pop-Up Box

Capture more attention with a customised box that will appear on the pages or areas that you choose.

$180 setup

In-Post Ads

Display ads right from within your articles - perfect for promoting your sponsors or affiliate marketing.

$180 setup


Create internal communities with discussion boards, wikis, user lists and direct messaging.

$450 setup


Custom Website Styling

Want to customise the look of your site? Let our team write the code you need to have your website looking the way you want.

$90 per hour

Logo Design

Let our expert design team create you a logo that sets you apart from your competitors, without setting back your budget!

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Print & Custom Design

From business cards and flyers, to billboards and t-shirts, our designers can work with you whatever your design needs.

$90 per hour

Domain Name Configuration

Now that you've got a brand new website, you want your customers to be able to find you at your new or existing website address. Let us take the stress out of figuring out how.

$45 per domain

Email Setup and Configuration

Just purchased a new domain name or have problems with your existing email servers? Let our IT specialists set you up with enterprise grade email exchange services via Zoho.

$90 setup + $22.50 per email address