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Smart Things To Include On Your Accounting Website

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One of the biggest mistakes that organisations make when designing a website is to assume that all websites should include the same content. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whilst there are industry wide best practices associated with web design, these should not be applied as a ‘catch-all’ solution to web design. Every site is different because every organisation is different.

Not considering what your site’s visitors want to see is tantamount to starting a business in Sydney and then only marketing to people in Adelaide. Here are the most effective elements an accounting site should have.

Contact Information

Sounds basic, right? The single biggest focus of any business website is to attract new customers. Your site might be full of the slickest new web design elements that give visitors thousands of reasons to choose you for their accounting needs, but that’s all for nought if you don’t give them timely methods by which to contact you. Too many sites relegate this vital information to a separate page which visitors need to click through to.

Go beyond the standard ‘contact page’ email form:

  • Include a lead generation tool that pops up after a few seconds and encourages visitors to sign up to your newsletter.
  • Include basic contact information in the footer of your site.
  • Include a Call To Action (CTA) button on the landing page of your site that asks visitors to contact you directly.
  • Transform your contact page into a menu of your staff and their specific contact details.

Let Them Know Why You’re The Best

Web design literature will tell you that you need to create long scrolling pages with all of the salient details about your business on the landing page. Of course, if you included absolutely everything, visitors might be scrolling for the rest of their natural life. Here are the generally accepted must-have sections for accounting sites:

  • The services you offer. Be specific without using too much confusing jargon.
  • Testimonials from clients. People trust word of mouth advertising.
  • An opinion. People browsing the internet for accounting firms want to see that they know what they’re doing. Include a blog on which members of your firm can showcase their topic specific knowledge. Display these blog posts on the landing page of your site.

Integrate Web Technology With Industry Specific Knowledge

Impressing your website’s visitors is obviously a priority when designing a new site. The best way to do that is to engage a developer that is willing to get innovative.

  • Create embedded videos about how to get the most from a tax return. Feature staff from your office in these videos. Make sure they’re well produced.
  • Develop a new tool which visitors can use and give it pride of place. It might be a way for visitors to estimate their return or something businesses can use to aid in the BAS process. Any developer worth their weight should be able to work with you to devise something unique.

Remember: Your Clients Aren’t Accountants

When you have a client sitting in your office, you’re always painfully aware that the reason they hired you is because they don’t understand accounting, right? Well, one step before they’re sitting in your office, they’re probably looking at your website. Too many professional agencies seem to forget this when designing a website. They use jargon heavy language that will impress their colleagues but confuse their clients. The website may only be a client’s first port of call, but first impressions last. And if a client has to choose between a company who has all the relevant information laid out in easy to understand terms, or a company who is just trying to make themselves sound smart, they’ll choose the former nine times out of ten.

A well designed, industry relevant website can be the difference between growth and decline for your accounting business. The team at WP Agency understand this well. Let them create you something that will put you ahead of the field.