The Image Editor

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This ‘Image Editor’ tutorial covers:

  • Finding the image editor
  • Rotating images
  • Cropping images
  • Scaling images
  • Restoring an image


Having control over how images display on your site can make your content more visually appealing by allowing you to layout your content the way you imagine it.


You can access the image editor by first hovering over an image in the ‘Media Library’ and clicking on ‘Edit’ in the action menu. This will take you to the ‘Edit Media’ screen. Click the ‘Edit Image’ button under the image preview to be taken to the image editor.


Click the 'Edit Image' button to be taken to the 'Image Editor'.
Click the ‘Edit Image’ button to be taken to the ‘Image Editor’.


The list of icons along the top of the screen give options for both rotating and flipping the image. The ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo’ icons allow you to click through your changes if you are unsure of the changes you made.


To crop an image, click and drag over the part you want to keep and then click the ‘Crop’ icon. If you need to crop to a specific aspect ratio or size, click and drag over the image, and in the ‘Image Crop’ module, type the specific parameters you want to trim the image to. Remember to click ‘Save’ when you are happy with your changes.


Click and drag over the image and click the 'Crop' icon.
Click and drag over the image and click the ‘Crop’ icon.


You can scale an image by locating the ‘Scale Image’ module, typing the size you want the image to be and clicking the ‘Scale’ button. When you type a new width or height the system will automatically calculate the dimension of the other side.


The changes made in the image editor do not effect the original image. If you ever need to return the image back to its original state, toggle ‘Restore Original Image’ and click the ‘Restore Image’ button.


Give your users, clients and internal staff the professional edge by introducing them to the ‘Image Editor’ in WordPress.