The Media Library

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This ‘Media Library’ tutorial covers:

  • Locating the Media Library
  • Accepted media types
  • Editing files from the Media Library
  • Deleting images, videos, audio and documents


The Media Library is a directory of every media file that gets uploaded to your site. Every image, video, audio track and document that gets uploaded, whether from the page or post editor or directly from the Media Library screen, can be viewed, edited and managed here.


The Media Library offers a powerful search function complete with built-in filters to make sorting through hundreds or thousands of images quick and efficient.


The Media Library Screen
Quickly sort through and manage thousands of images.


Hovering over files listed in the Media Library reveals options for editing and deleting images. The ‘Edit Media’ screen provides tools for viewing file details (like where the file is stored, what size it is and what type of file it is), as well as options for managing the file title, caption, alternative text, description and even some basic image edits.


Media Library Action Menu
Hovering over an item in the ‘Media Library’ reveals an action menu.


The ‘Delete Permanently’ option in the Media Library will completely remove that item and cannot be restored.


Give your users, clients or internal staff the ability to manage media content more efficiently, on an single site install or MultiSite network by introducing them to the WordPress Media Library.