Why Having A Niche To Market To Can Boost Your Online Image

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Focus Equals More Conversions

The world of online marketing is a vast, vacuous beast at times. If I had a dollar for every time I received a poorly edited marketing email, or read an amateur blog post, I’d be a self-made millionaire. But that doesn’t change the fact that they’re out there. In droves.

This makes competing against the innumerable other marketers very difficult if you’re only targeting the general population. Because quality or not, if they have more visibility, your competitors will get to your potential customers faster.

When you choose a niche to market to, you eliminate a huge percentage of this competition. Narrowing your focus means that your content is more visible to your target customers. For example: Sending a perfectly worded email marketing campaign about dog food to 100 dog owners, vets and animal club administrators will produce a higher percentage of conversions than sending the same campaign to 10,000 random people.

The larger your focus, the higher the chance your marketing will get lost in cyberspace.

Emails Need To Be Relevant

It’s getting harder and harder to make people open marketing emails these days. Most will want to see a potential benefit to them or their business before even considering to click a link in an email.

With a niche in mind before you start your marketing campaigns, you’re already a step ahead. Using the previous example, those 100 targeted customers are far more likely to open your emails than 10,000 people on a randomly generated email list. They’ll see the value of your product to their needs and that will translate into sales.

Niche marketing in this way has cyclical benefits also. Because the more targeted marketing you do, the higher the percentage of relevant traffic that comes to your website. It’s all well and good having 1,000,000 hits each month. But if only 1% of them are actually likely to buy something from you, it’s all for nought.

When you attract relevant customers to your site through niche marketing, the higher the chance they’ll volunteer their contact information via landing page lead captures or through a purchase. This makes round two of your marketing even easier because you already have a custom built niche market emailing list.

Competition Is Part Of Business

The very simple fact of the matter is that your competitors are already niche marketing. You know how good your marketing campaigns can be. You know that if people see them, they’ll stand out against your competitors.

So don’t limit yourself by throwing your campaigns blindly into the abyss of online marketing and just hoping for the best. When you research your niche and target them pointedly, you ensure that you’re only competing with others in your market area.


If you’ve somehow missed the all-consuming concept of Search Engine Optimization, it’s best explained this way: SEO is how you get people to see your content before your competitors’. It’s one of the major ways Google decides how to rank search results.

Say you run a law firm in Melbourne. There are no shortage of websites for law firms out there. So that’s a fairly large field of potential competition. Here is where niche marketing really puts rubber to the road. Consumers, whilst impressionable, aren’t necessarily stupid. So the chances that they’re going to do a generic search for ‘law firms’ is slim. They’re more likely to add qualifying terms to their search such as their location or a particular area of law.

If your site has several recent blog posts that use the keywords ‘traffic lawyers in Melbourne’, there’s a higher chance that those keywords (along with some other SEO tools) will cause Google to pick your page first for that type of search. That’s SEO.

Without understanding your niche, targeted SEO becomes very difficult. And at the end of the day, content that is optimized for your niche market is always more effective than reliance on SEO alone. Because SEO can bring the right kind of people to your site, but it can’t make them stay.

Social Media Engagement

You’ve heard it said before, ‘everyone’s on Facebook these days’. Not quite everyone, but it’s inching closer every day. So chances are you’ve already created a Facebook page for your business. But is that enough?

Targeted marketing to a niche area on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest really is child’s play, and very inexpensive.

Choosing a niche area for advertising on these sites is built into the advert creation process. Facebook in particular asks you to assign both a location and interests for the target audience of the ad. And while your budget for the advert determines your reach, narrowing the focus doesn’t.

Spending $7 per day on that advert means it will typically reach between 1000-2000 people. So assuming you’ve input your niche parameters correctly, that means you’re reaching that many people within your niche in just one day. With the myriad options for the type of advert you can place, you’ll be able to achieve several outcomes in the one ad – page likes (which lead to website conversions), direct contact or direct website clicks.

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